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Coinbase Listing Soon!



Coinbase Listing Soon

When will the Coinbase listing happen? 

Coinbase Global Inc (COIN) will list on the Nasdaq on 14 April 2021. This will be a direct listing rather than an IPO.  


What is the expected Coinbase market cap? 

Market cap is expected to be in the region of $75 billion. 



When will I first be able to trade Coinbase? 

We expect trading to begin at any point from 14:30 (UK time) onwards on 14 April, but realistically probably not for the first few hours. This is due to price discovery in the underlying market. 



Will Coinbase be available for spread betting and CFD trading ? 

Yes, we’ll be offering spread betting and CFD trading on Coinbase to all leverage clients from day 1 (April 14th). 


Will I be able to short Coinbase on my leveraged account ? 

To begin with you will  only be able to go long on Coinbase, until there is borrow available in the market or until we have sufficient internal inventory to lend out. 


Will I be able to trade Coinbase with a guaranteed stop? 

No, guaranteed stops will not be available when trading Coinbase. 


Can I buy Coinbase shares in a share dealing account? 

Yes,  you can buy Coinbase shares in an IG share dealing account. 


Can I buy Coinbase shares on my ISA account? 

Yes, you can buy Coinbase shares on your IG ISA account 


What will the trading hours be for Coinbase? 

Coinbase will be available online during the main session (14:30-21:00 UK time) only. You can call in to access the pre- and post-market sessions. 


What are the margin requirements for trades on Coinbase? 

Margin requirements will be as follows: 



Notional value of the position 

Deposit factor 


0 - £250k 



£250k - £1m 



£1m - £1.25m 



£1.25m + 



Will I be able to trade equity options on Coinbase? 

There are unlikely to be equity options available on Coinbase from the outset, but we will be able to offer them once they begin trading. 


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Guest how to buy Coinbase


I open an account to buy coinbase - but when i placed the order  I get the following message: This market is currently unavailable to trade online.
Learn more here


what can i do to buy COIN?

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