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21 hours ago, shaun64 said:

Hello all, 

Pleased to be a new member of this community. I have only just recently started this journey and am at present educating myself in the world of finance and trading.


Kind regards



Hey Shaun, 

Thanks for your post. If you need anything reach out by '@' CharlotteIG

All the best 


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Hi Charlotte,

i have a question for you, i am just presently on the demo account and am trying to set up an order. I have 10,000 in the account. How do i know if i have only committed 1% of my account on the order, because there seem to be 3 figures, under the stop box it states £20, under the limit box £30,  and in the margin box it states £1,457. Also when do i know if i have used leverage?


Kind regards


Ps i have included  a screenshot on here

pps Thankyou




Screenshot (15).png

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