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Stop & Limit on Turbo24



Hi fellow traders,

Is it only me, or is it not weird that the grate stop and limit system that you can find on CFD trading is missing on the turbo24 platform? 

The function to place limit and stoploss simultaneously as you place your order is a powerfull way to control risk. Why do IG put it out? 

Of course the system can´t be exactly the same as in CFD, there is Knockout levels to consider, but that´s easy to put out on the chart. 

Is this something you can pay for to get?(which would be weird) or will it come in the future? As it is now, Turbo24 is dangerous compared to CFD and should not be used... In my opinion. Unfortunately CFD is not a ISK....


Someone who knows anything ab out this?


Best regards,

Your Trader




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2021 and still the same issue. Does IG want their costumers to lose money?. It seems they don't care but it's rather nonsense when most likely both trading platforms share similar internal code. 

It ruins trading turbos and makes it more difficult... maybe that's the goal?.

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