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  1. I have the same issue trading turbos. But it seems they charge you whatever they want with every trade. Not good at all. I traded DAX and sometimes the difference between profit/loss on the chart vs account history is half. Never seen such thing in other brokers.
  2. I discovered that IG does charge for currency conversion. To be honest never heard of it before with other brokers. Can anyone reply from IG to clarify how this currency conversion can be disabled?.
  3. I have traded OMX30 and my account is in SEK and I am still getting odd difference between profit/loss in the chart vs account history. Let's admit it IG is just cheating.
  4. I'd like to add I am trading turbos24 on the trading platform. When I close my position I see clearly let's say 20€ profit but when I check the account history it's less some times half of what the profit loss showed on the chart. IG is cheating even the profit/loss. They are clearly manipulating. I recorded some videos and I will post them so people can see. IG is cheating they don't allow traders to see entry price level on the chart as it happens with CFDs, IG forces traders calculate the profit/loss in the account history manually on purpose so it's more difficult for the trader to keep track of the true profit. What amazes me is how blatantly they do it.
  5. 2021 and still the same issue. Does IG want their costumers to lose money?. It seems they don't care but it's rather nonsense when most likely both trading platforms share similar internal code. It ruins trading turbos and makes it more difficult... maybe that's the goal?.
  6. Hi, Are you still trading turbos?. I have that problem too but also I can't see the price entry level when I go long short. Then it's available when trading CFDs with the IG trading platform.
  7. The IG trading platform for CFDs shows entry price line and limit all visible on the chart. But then I discovered that for turbo24 there is nothing like that. Traders go blind with no real reference. Why?. Another thing is guessing the true spread is more difficult in turbos and the profit is not shown in euros or any other currency but we have to manually substract the difference ourselves. I cannot understand any real technical limitation other than IG wants traders to lose money.
  8. Will there be tradingview integration for turbos?
  9. If I take a long or short position I cannot see the price I entered and it makes it even more difficult if I have more than one position opened.
  10. I can't understand why I can't set the Take profit level, when that feature is the norm trading CFDs. Then I go long or short but surprise I cannot see the entry price line on the chart. That makes it harder to have the right situational awareness about where you actually entered a position. I don't see any real reason to not implement these features that are already available in other markets.
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