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need to change meta trader leverage



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1 hour ago, underdog261 said:

is there a way to lower the leverage on the IG metatrader 4 ? 


it is set 200:1 by default and i need to lower it

Hi, you can't change the max leverage on the platform as that is set by the broker but you don't have to use it.

In the UK leverage is limited by the regulator to a max of 20:1 which equates to margin of 5% so you need 5% of the full amount of the position you are taking in your account to cover the trade.

In Australia maximum available leverage is still 200:1 so you only need 0.5% of the full amount of the position you are taking in your account to cover the trade.

That is likely to come down if proposals by the Oz regulator are accepted.

Margin on the mt4 platform is not as well highlighted as on the web based so use the web based demo to get an idea of the numbers.

The amount in $ of margin available to you is determined by the size of your account.

The amount of margin required for the trade is controlled by the position size you select, so the higher the number of contracts (£/point) the more margin is used until you reach the maximum for your account size, that is max leverage.

To reduce the amount of leverage you are using for the trade reduce the number of contracts on the trade.

So if 5 contracts is the max allowed for the amount of margin available to you at 200:1 leverage then 2.5 contracts will equal 100:1 leverage.

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