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Should I switch from Degiro to IG?



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On 16/05/2020 at 10:19, LeeKong said:

Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone to share some thoughts. I am only dealing US stocks, more than 3 times a month. 

Any advice is much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hey @LeeKong

Thanks for your post. 

If you're trading on a share dealing or ISA account and you're trading at least 3 times a quarter you will not be subject to our £24 quarterly fee. 

For US shares we offer £10 commission on the open and close, however if you make 3 trades in your first month the next calendar month you will not be charged for trading US shares: 



This is just some information you can take away and look into. Others in the forum will be able to tell you about the platform and how they find it :)

All the best 

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