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New Account Activation Delay



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Guest Domi


I have the same problem. I only signed up over a week ago now but i read it only take 1-5 days to open an account. Have any of you had any progress with your accounts yet?
I also sent an email to support but haven't heard anything back. It's frustrating as my demo account just keeps going up in value which would be great if i could do that on a live account instead.

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Guest Geeroh

same situation, one of the accounts team supervisors mentioned that they are following it up but no reply from them whatsoever. 

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Guest Noma

I am in the same problem.  I uploaded all documents, and they have verified all documents 2 weeks ago, but account is still in Pending Status.  IG doesn't reply to emails too.

I think it's so wrong that IG doesn't reply to emails of new clients.  Not sure how IG treats their existing customers?

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