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platinum trading hours?

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12 hours ago, deus777 said:

what are the opening hours for platinum, palladium?  I can't seem to find it anywhere

Hi, IG opens their platinum and palladium market same as the indices so opens at 11pm Sunday and closes 10pm Friday though I think both are currently 'close trades only' with Plat being 95% long and Pall being 100% short.

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9 hours ago, Guest AZ_trade said:

Would you be able to expand on what 'Closing only: Market unavailable to open' means?  How do you trade Palladium on the IG platform?

The 'closing only' notice in this case is likely due to the extremely unbalanced short/long positions and IG have reached their max risk tolerance for the market and will not take on new positions until some held have been closed, this might take minutes or days. I've not looked recently to see if the closed only is still in place.

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