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Prorealtime and FX volume?? Why not? It's there in MT4!



I fully understand FX volume. So lets not discuss that. However, there are many indicators that thrive using the volume. Even if it is not accurate, I believe that spikes during sessions of several hundred percent on the IG market will have a certain value. Volume is the oxygen in the market.

So how come IG web interface has volume? 

How come MT4 has volume?

How come PRT has NO volume? 

At PRT they are sending me over here to ask the question as they tell me you guys are not sharing volume with them. So I'm going to have to ask the question, is it you or is it Prorealtime that is the reason there is no volume in FX markets?

Please give me some oxygen!

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Guest Bobby

Yep.. no volume which means any volume indicators are redundant.. absolute shambles to be honest. Worth sending them an e-mail.

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