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Using stops on share dealing

Guest Brucerick

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Guest Brucerick

Hi, I trade on your new share trading facility. But urgently need to be able to place stops that are carried by IG until triggered or canceled by my self.

They currently only last 1 trading session and then have to be reapplied at the next open.


Trading from Australia I normally trade 4am local time to the NYSE close and cannot manage placing a stop for each session at the NYSE open.

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Guest NathanH

Hi there,


We are always looking to improve our service and to expand our order types on offer. Unfortunately Good till Cancelled stop orders are not currently offered however GTC orders on Share Trading accounts are one of the main things that we are looking into. I have passed your message on to our development team as feedback. Hopefully it's something we can offer in future!

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Hi , thanks for your post, and for your patience regarding this functionality.  I've been liaising with our equities desk and am pleased to advise that we can now offer Stop-GTC orders for main session US stocks, as of Monday.  You should see this order type when you log in and open a deal ticket on a US equity, so I do hope this enhances your trading experience with our platform!


Any questions please do ask.




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hi hannah IG, I hold share dealing account, why there is no stop loss? Surely now IG has started to charge custody fee, can they improve their platform by adding a proper stop loss. Please do not suggest other methods like using alerts etc., as when  an alert come at 3am regarding an Australian stock I will be sleeping! A proper stop loss for all international and UK stocks is a basic but essential tool in share dealing; cannot believe IG does not provide such a tool. Also why research and information on all stocks are so poor please improve???

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Hi , thanks for your post.


I wanted to make sure you've seen the original thread with regard to stop losses on share dealing accounts: read it here.


We offer a GTC stop order type, which acts as a stop loss level, for UK stocks.  Our own broker do not have the functionality to add a contingent stop loss or limit to a non-leveraged trade, hence we do not have this by default on our platform.  You can of course always enter a stop or limit sell order to execute at your desired level, but for international stocks you would need to place this each day.


With regard to the research and information on stocks - are you able to clarify exactly what you'd like to see?  Our main share dealing and investments news page can be found here, and I'd encourage you to use this Community as a tool for generating discussion and ideas.


Hope this helps!



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Hi hannah IG thank you for answering, however if other brokers can offer proper stop loss for all international stocks; IG needs to do something especially now there is a custody fee.

With regard to lack of research and info on each stock ,I mean in the IG market data page, or somewhere, I like to see: company information/profile, financial, director deals, latest news etc etc. I know I can get all these by spending time researching but the whole idea of using a broker is that the fundamental  info should be at hand. For example I like to see the up to the minute trade volume here and now on the open position or price screen. I know I can go into the chart to find it (sometime the volume button won't work) but the system can be more user friendly; that is my view.

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Hi again , thanks for your suggestions and feedback - these are good ideas!  We are always trying to make improvements and add to our existing features and information, so I will log this with our website team.


If you are looking for more detailed trade and order volumes, have you considered using our more advanced L2 dealing platform?  If not, you can read more about it here.


Thank you,


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