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$0 PnL but -$1900 availability


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There was a sudden drop in Asian markets last night, that also affected GBPUSD. Given the sudden drop, any positions would have been closed as soon as possible, and it might not have been possible to notify you. It was an extremely quick, unexpected move. If you’d like to confirm your account, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. We also have a video here explaining how our margin policy works.


More info on the drop in markets is in our Morning Call.



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It should be a Margin Call by your system. Which automatically close out all my position. Why is there any need for you to contact me? 


Are you saying that your system/platform do not have mechanism which trigger margin call automatically?

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    • This week is a crucial week for US indices I think especially end of the week. If we are going to see extreme Dow soon, the market will let us know.  The volatility is expected to pick up so money can probably be made in both directions with 1000+ points move again. I personally would not go long for a couple days. There are positions trapped right now going long from last week so I would guess some will be forced to endure some pain, unless they volunteer to take losses.
    • If it moves below $5k to maybe $4k again, it doesn't look like there is a great deal of support. Sure it can double in a short span of time but don't you think this is a very risky trade?
    • as explained earlier in the thread the cumulative risk reward ratio (auto calc'd on a spread sheet) plotted on the chart with the win rate is absolutely fool proof in revealing if a strategy is profitable of not. Also if you make any changes to the strategy the result will show up quickly in the stats so revealing whether the change was advantageous or not. Without hard statistics people have a habit of misleading themselves as to how well they and their strategy are really doing.