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If your equity goes to zero do your positions stay open?

Guest michelle67


Guest michelle67

Hi, I was wondering what happens if my equity was to go to zero say if a position started to depreciate in value. Would the position(s) be automatically closed or would it (they) stay open?

Also, is there any way to disable a guaranteed stop on a order to open?


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Hi , thanks for the post - good question.


In general, you need to always make sure your available funds (equity less margin) remains a positive balance, and should monitor your account carefully to ensure this. 


Once your equity level falls below 50% of your margin requirement, your positions will begin to be automatically closed out, both on our stop monitor and later at dealer discretion if necessary.  This is to prevent further, heavy losses from being incurred, and may mean that your overall account balance is pushed to a debit.  It's important to be aware that your positions aren't just closed out at zero equity, they could be negative.


If you'd like more detailed information about our margin policy and close-out monitor, or any specific examples, please don't hesitate to ask us.




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I have asked for my account to be closed but but they will not do it, its been over a week now and my equity is almost at zero. How can I make them close my account. 

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    • The price shown on the graph is the price after the IG's fee taken. That is the reason for discrepancy.
    • I am a relatively newbie. I have seen similar and also have seen automated closed position has a loss though the close price I have set was above the price I have bought. After about 6 months with a lot of mysterious losses though my closing price was above the opening price, I discovered this was because of the amount charged for opening/closing a position. This is right below BUY and SELL boxes on the right in very small font. This amount vary from  0.9 to 33 or more depending on the level of trading at the time you open or close. It also happens (god knows why it is set to be so, except that the trader is not watching) when there is a lot of buying and selling going on, like an important news has suddenly been out and the result was not the market expected. As a result, I delete all my automated BUY/SELL values before I stop trading for the day. Remember, the the software is set up to favor the IG, not the retail seller. That is why 70% or more end up in loss.  
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