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Invalid s/l or t/p on MT4 demo account




I have an IG MT4 demo account to get started on my trading journey. When trying to execute a pending order I keep getting the error "invalid s/l or t/p" with the message "open price must differ from market price by at least 70 points".

I've changed the order to that it meets the requirements but keep getting the same message. I keep changing the stop loss to its further and further away but i still get the same message. I change the buy/sell price so its further away from the current price with a really wide stop loss but keep getting the same error. I've checked i've got the stop loss and take profit figures the right way round.

Anyone offer any advice on what I can do? I want to practice on a demo account before going in with my real money but am struggling with this issue at the moment.





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Hello, I am new to trading.  I have gotten this error message several times.  Looking at the picture you posted, I believe your entry price is too close to the current Bid/Ask price.  Your entry price is 1.070 however the current market price is 1.073.  Try changing your entry price. 

I also had to make sure I understand the difference between a Sell Limit and a Sell Stop.

Hope that helps.

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On 13/10/2020 at 09:13, atcclad said:

Anyone offer any advice on what I can do? I want to practice on a demo account before going in with my real money but am struggling with this issue at the moment.


9 hours ago, Tonia said:

Try changing your entry price. 

Hi, also trial the IG Trade Terminal from the IG apps pack download. It's simpler and clearer for placing market and pending orders.

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