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Ripple delisting

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Yes they are going to close them in deep loss in my spread betting account. They just sent me a cold email letting me know that. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Unbelievable. 

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Daylight robbery from IG, who knows they are still holding the Ripple they bought to offset our orders ... and not all portals have stopped offering ripple. coinspot in Australia still sells ripple, so does btcmarket, this is a ridiculous step from IG..  Is a class action possible against this ??  

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17 minutes ago, Gaurav712 said:

Let’s form a group on WhatsApp to fight against this action from IG and get our money back. 

my name is Gaurav and my number is +61433232191 ... let’s form a group and take action against this.

Hi, closing crypto was a decision made by the FCA not the brokers, there is nothing IG can do about it.

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