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Unable to get / use MT4 historic data for ANY instument.



Basically i have been over most of the topics discussing this issue and none have had an answer (As far as i can see).

I am trying to backtest and look at historic data for several FX pairs and Index's on the 1hr and lower TF but can only see around 3 months of data??

I have double clicked on all the timeframes on each pair and index i want to see, but each one says "No new data available". I have downloaded gigs of data on each timeframe and imported them into each one, they never save, they dont update and i still cant see the data.


Is there a setting? is there a certain location i need to download IG historic data from? 


Can anyone actually solve this ??









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1 hour ago, lisamitch50 said:

I am trying to backtest and look at historic data for several FX pairs and Index's on the 1hr and lower TF but can only see around 3 months of data??

broker historical data is wrapped in packets, there is only so much for each chart time frame so only the larger time frame stretch back greater distances in time.

The are  3rd party web sites that do more of the smaller time frame data if you google it,  don't know if it's available for mac though.














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Guest Mitch

Yeah I have the 3rd party data but when i upload it the data set doesn't change and I still can't get more than 2 months data. 


1hr and daily yes, back around 5 months and a year respectively.


Just need to know how to get longer timeframe data for the 5 min upwards



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