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Why are those securities only being traded on leverage and not on an iSA?


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Hi Charlotte,

Despite being classified as a professional client, I have been disappointed by the lack of stocks available for trading on an IG ISA, for example I would like to trade the following stocks/ETF ( which have quite a significant amount of market cap some close to 1 billion) but everytime either I do not see the stock or get a leverage only message.

Do you know what is the reason for this and if it is possible to get those shares traded or shall I move my ISA to another platform?

Here are the stocks in questions and I have attached some Bloomberg screenshots for your information

  • 2MX Organic SA  (2MX FP)
  • ESG Core Investments (ESG NA)
  • Advisorshares US Pure Cannabis ETF (MSOS US)

Thank you






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