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New to trading. I wish to transfer from my trading account to a newly opened ISA account. Tried calling and email, no response, can anyone offer advice please? I have tried selling the shares and transferring the cash amount, this was rejected. Is there a delay for the sold shares amount to 'clear' before I can proceed? 

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On 24/03/2021 at 12:52, Nutcracker said:

New to trading. I wish to transfer from my trading account to a newly opened ISA account. Tried calling and email, no response, can anyone offer advice please? I have tried selling the shares and transferring the cash amount, this was rejected. Is there a delay for the sold shares amount to 'clear' before I can proceed? 

Thanks for your post. 

Sorry you haven't been able to get through to us. You can request them via email. 

In order to complete your Bed & ISA, please complete the information required below: 

Bed & ISA process: 

Please ensure the full information is provided
Account number: 
Share name: 
Number of Shares/ Value: 

Note: Bed & ISA's can only be actioned for UK shares only. 
Notification of costs: 
Costing is as follows: 

£40.00 dealing charge per share line. 
£30.00 capped spread charge. 
£2 PTM Levy (For transactions over £10,000 notional)
Stamp Duty 0.5% of notional value (If applicable)

You can make your request by responding to this email. The process may take up to a week to complete due to the volume of calls and emails we're experiencing currently. 

It may be worth putting the subject of the email as 'Bed and ISA urgent' as it's close to the end of the tax year (5th April). 

You are correct though you can sell your shares wait for the funds to settle and buy them back in the ISA but note that you have to pay commission and the markets can move whilst you want for the funds to settle/ transfer. 

All the best

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