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Transfer shares from employers SIP to IG share dealing account



Hi there,

I'm looking to transfer some shares from an Equateplus account to my IG share dealing account. Upon initiating the request, because the shares were obtained via my employers SIP, it says to ask my provider to initiate the transfer.

They require some information and upon doing a search, I found a very similar question where for some of the answers given were to use my account number for the SWIFT number as well as something else. This is not accepted as it can't be validated by the Equateplus website.

The information they ask for is as follows.

Account number. Is this the same as the Account ID?

Broker Email Address, I believe this to be transfers@ig.com

Clearing information, Please ask you bank/brokerage which settlement and clearing information is required in order to receive your shares. Settlement and clearing information typically includes the SWIFT address of your bank/brokerage as well as a local depositary ID such as Crest ID for UK securities.

Brokerage code - Bank Code or ABA number


Brokerage Name, City, Street and Postal Code - I have IG Index and the London address.

If I type IG Index into the name field of the brokerage form on Equateplus, it suggests the following information but as the address is different, I wasn't sure whether to proceed




Appreciate any help.

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