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Stop Loss on Share dealing account



Hello, I find that on my share dealing account of 30 holdings, I can only place a stop loss on 25 of them but not on the other 5 , MWE, AVG, RGBP, GPM, XPD. Why is this ? and is there any way of finding out before i buy a share whether i can place a stop loss on it, as it is basic risk management. 

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The stop market order is not available on stocks which are bought/sold through RSP quotes (Market Maker stocks).

All the stocks you have mentioned are Market Maker stocks and they don't support Stop market orders. 

Before making purchases, you can always check in the deal ticket if the market order on Exchange is available. If that's not the case (as in the example below) you won't be able to use Stop Market orders.



I hope this helps!


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