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Community Answers

  1. Hello, Which order type are you using and at what time? Between 12:30-2:30pm UK time you need to use Limit (All sessions) orders. Market orders can be used only between 2:30pm-9pm. Thanks, Jakub
  2. Hi @ygupta, We don't offer Share Dealing demo accounts. We only offer CFD/SB demo accounts. If you wish to create a live account please go on MyIG > Dashboard > Add an account. Thanks, Jakub
  3. Hi @Midas_Touch, It's been a pleasure to speak with you over the phone. As I said, I'll follow up with our Corporate Action/Transfers team and I'll update via email/phone you as soon as I get any news. I'd like to apologize to you if you haven't received any response in regards to this issue, we have increased our headcount since then to improve the service. Thanks, Jakub
  4. Hi @Scott12347, Not all the ETFs are ISA eligibile as per HMRC policies. Please check this link which contains an updated list of instruments tradable on ISA. Thanks, Jakub
  5. Hi @Ahmad1258, Definitely you can! Please download our "IG Trading" app from the Play/App store. Thanks, Jakub
  6. Hi, I have requested to add INTA on the platform. It should be done by tomorrow morning. Thanks, Jakub
  7. Hi @SelfIsolating2021, Thanks for your feedback. The upper management is already discussing this however I will forward your message in order to push this further. Thanks, Jakub
  8. Hi @Johno1668, The Pay Date is not confirmed as of today. Please note once Pay date is confirmed by the market, our custodian will released the shares to IG once received. Thanks, Jakub
  9. Hi @Carly22, The Australian EOFY will be definitely released by the end of this week. Thanks, Jakub
  10. Hi @happydaayz, Please find the details below: T 0800 409 6789 / +44 (0)20 7896 0079 F 0207 390 3816 E helpdesk.uk@ig.com IG Markets Ltd All the best, Jakub
  11. Hi @DonStrong, Please try now. I have amended something on your account. Thanks, Jakub
  12. Hi @PTtrader, Are you able to share a screenshot of that demo position with us? It sounds to me like you went short on Moderna. Thanks, Jakub
  13. Hi there, You shoould be able to download the plugin from here. Thanksm Jakub
  14. Sure. Please send us a request to update your book cost to helpdesk.uk@ig.com and we'll do it for you. Thanks, Jakub
  15. Hi @rpottanat, Probably you had placed some Limit orders. Those orders will be displayed in the "Orders Tab" and once filled you will see the Shares in the "Positions Tab". Thanks, Jakub
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