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Community Answers

  1. Hi, I have requested to add INTA on the platform. It should be done by tomorrow morning. Thanks, Jakub
  2. Hi @SelfIsolating2021, Thanks for your feedback. The upper management is already discussing this however I will forward your message in order to push this further. Thanks, Jakub
  3. Hi @Johno1668, The Pay Date is not confirmed as of today. Please note once Pay date is confirmed by the market, our custodian will released the shares to IG once received. Thanks, Jakub
  4. Hi @Carly22, The Australian EOFY will be definitely released by the end of this week. Thanks, Jakub
  5. Hi @happydaayz, Please find the details below: T 0800 409 6789 / +44 (0)20 7896 0079 F 0207 390 3816 E helpdesk.uk@ig.com IG Markets Ltd All the best, Jakub
  6. Hi @DonStrong, Please try now. I have amended something on your account. Thanks, Jakub
  7. Hi @PTtrader, Are you able to share a screenshot of that demo position with us? It sounds to me like you went short on Moderna. Thanks, Jakub
  8. Hi there, You shoould be able to download the plugin from here. Thanksm Jakub
  9. Sure. Please send us a request to update your book cost to helpdesk.uk@ig.com and we'll do it for you. Thanks, Jakub
  10. Hi @rpottanat, Probably you had placed some Limit orders. Those orders will be displayed in the "Orders Tab" and once filled you will see the Shares in the "Positions Tab". Thanks, Jakub
  11. Hi @Krishan, The 3 trades apply to both ISA and Share Dealing accounts. This means that you can perform 1 buy and 1 sell on ISA and 1 buy on Share Dealing for example. Thanks, Jakub
  12. Hi @HarryJ and Carlos, In order to have the reduced commission scheme 3 transactions are enough (2 buys and 1 sell). Thanks, Jakub
  13. Hi @Harjot, You have realized a profit of A$1.90 on that trade. You placed that trade in US$ so the P/L was converted to your base currency which is A$. Thanks, Jakub
  14. Hi @runnergirl, We try to process all Bed&Isa requests within 1 week. The process which consists in selling and buying back the stock through a Market Maker, happens in a few seconds. Thanks, Jakub
  15. Hi, If you trade US/EU/UK etc. shares on your ISA account, you are exempt from Capital Gains tax. You are subject to 30% Withholding tax on dividends (15% if you fill the W8-BEN form in). Thanks, Jakub
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