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How to be a accredited investor

Guest Liu

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How do I become a professional client?

You can apply to be categorised as a professional client by logging in to My IG and selecting ‘settings’ and then ‘client and account status’.

To qualify as professional, you need to meet certain criteria related to your trading history, investment portfolio, and/or your employment history.


You’ll need to meet two out of the following three criteria in order to qualify as a professional client:
  1. Professional experience: You must have worked in the financial sector in a professional position (which requires knowledge of CFDs or spread betting) for at least one year. 
  2. Investment portfolio: You are required to have a ‘financial instrument portfolio’ (defined as cash deposits and financial instruments) of €500,000 or more. Acceptable instruments include cash, stock portfolios, stocks and shares ISAs, trading accounts, mutual funds, and SIPPs. Managed company pensions, non-tradeable assets, property, luxury cars, or physical gold are not acceptable. 
  3. Trading experience: You must have placed 40 trades of significant size in the last year. Significant size is £10,000 notional for equity trades and £50,000 for everything else. Buying £10 of FTSE and then closing it counts as one single trade. You do not need to have made the trades with IG. 


All the best - MongiIG

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15 minutes ago, Guest Mark Wilkinson said:

Hello! Do you have any examples regarding professional experience?

Hi Mark

Thank you for the question, a Banker, Portfolio Manager or Sales Trader are examples that come to mind. The list is potentially endless though. The experience will be considered so long as the position was a professional one in the Financial sector that requires knowledge of spread betting or CFDs.

All the best


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