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My problems are not resolved.



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4 hours ago, Georg said:

My problems are not resolved and it is not escalated.

How do I get my issues sorted out.

Why am I being serviced by a country other than my own???  

HI @Georg,

If you already reached out to the helpdesk  they will handle your query. All our offices are working on the helpdesk queries to avoid queries to stay in the queue for too long. It is possible that your query was picked up by another office than your own country ( if there is an office where you are located).

All offices have the knowledge and skills to answer most questions. Only when the query is too region specific then the case can be sent to the office handling the relevant country.

This allow IG to work on a 24h basis to be available for our clients.

I hope that it helps !

All the best - Arvin 


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