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Barrier vs CFD vs Turbo24

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Good afternon, another super newbie question, I can't get my head around this...

what are the main differences between buying  a

  • SP500 Barrier Call
  • SP500 CFD
  • SP500 Long Turbo 24

Do the Barrier and Turbo24 work similiar to a CFD with a stop loss? If so, what's the point in buying a Barrier or a Turbo24?

Thanks in advance for your help


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Hi @LuigiLuigi

Thanks for the question

There are a few differences, however these are some of the important ones to take note of. 


  • You have flexibility over leverage
  • They are limited risk(you can only lose the premium paid to open) but the potential profit is unlimited
  • Barriers have an expiry


  • You have flexibility over leverage(You decide your leverage based on the KO-level)
  • Also limited risk- you know maximum loss when you open the trade
  • Traded on Exchange
  • Traded 24/5
  • Possible to add a stop to avoid being knocked out
  • All fees included in initial cost of open (except the commission). Overnight funding is not debited from turbo account

In summary Barriers/Turbos offer flexibility over leverage, limited risk and are less capital intensive than CFDs. You can get exposure for far less than in a CFD. 

Hope this helps

All the best 


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