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VWAP Indicator



Hi, Recently I have been trying to get to grips with the VWAP indicator. When I use it on a chart, unlike other indicators, it does not appear to have options for amending the number of periods it calculates on etc. Only options for changing appearance. Could you please let me know what settings the IG VWAP indicator uses as default,

Thank you

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Yes, I've read that. Thank you. VWAP is anchored to the opening price and changes through out the day based on volume traded and price. It is calculated as (Volume Traded x Price)/Total Volume. Thus it should remain constant, for any particular instant, when viewed on every timeframe chart. The IG VWAP indicator does not do this. It reads, for the same instant in time, differently on every time frame. That is why I asked, "How does IG calculate its VWAP indicator. Could you please answer the question? 

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