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Notional value LIVE on WTP



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This is fantastic, I was thinking it would be great to see the full exposure especially if an asset price were to drop to zero as worst case to make sure I hadn't overstretched on a bet.

Thanks for adding!

However, the current calculation is based on "SIZE" * "LATEST" price. Where a bet is making a running profit, the notional value will be wrong from an exposure perspective because it is using the "latest" price?

eg a bet of £1 is placed on asset X at opening price of 100. If the latest price drops to 90, then I have a running loss of £10 ("running" being the key word here).

The current notional value will be calculated as 1 * 90 = £90. But this is not my exposure, it's actually £100 should the asset price drop to zero.

Ditto for bets making a running profit - here the exposure against the opening bet will be stated as higher because it's taking into account the "running profit". 

Could the calculation for the notional value be based on opening price instead of latest price please?


Many thanks!

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