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ProRealTime 10.3 Finally



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Is it my imagination or is there less on this than 10.2. There is volume on indices but not currencies and still no orders in the order book. And I seem to be trapped in trailing stop mode, on the right is 'Trading Options' as was the old version and on left is 10.3. I don't want to be trapped in trailing stop mode.



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Best new indicators.

VWAP bands for indices (uses volume, not available on currencies. Volume Weighted Average Price).

Schaff Trend Cycle, uses stochastic over stochastic over MACD as an oscillator to give a on/off long/short type signals.

Williams Alligator (3 weighted moving average ribbons moved to future on price, trend indicator).


I had to sack David who kept on about 'triggering Homer' ?  I've got Julia now who seems much more sensible.

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