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Deposit using Debit card failed



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4 minutes ago, VegetaRx7 said:

Hello IG team,

I have tried doing a deposit using my debit card and it fails everytime. The addresss on my personal details and debit card statement also matches. What would be the issue?

Hi @VegetaRx7

Thanks for reaching out.

Why has my card deposit been rejected?


A card payment can be rejected for one of six reasons – these will normally be shown on the depositing screen.

  • The payment was rejected by your bank

    This can usually be resolved by contacting your bank or card issuer.

  • The payment failed online

    If you think the payment was successful but can’t see the funds on your account after a few minutes, it’s likely the payment failed online. Clear your cookies and cache, log back in and try again.

    In some circumstances, your bank may contact you to verify a payment before the transaction is authorised.

  • The name on the card doesn’t match

    For security reasons, your chosen card must be in the same name as your account with us. We don’t accept payments from third parties or corporate cards, even if the card is in your name. If you’re a corporate account holder, please fund your account by bank transfer.

  • The address doesn’t match

    Make sure the address we hold for you matches the address registered with the bank you’re using to fund. You can edit your address by logging in to My IG, going to the ‘settings’ tab and selecting ‘personal details’.

    Please contact your card issuer if a charge appears on your card after an address mismatch.

  • We can’t accept your card

    We're unable to accept any deposits from American Express cards or certain jurisdictions, like the US and would recommend using a different card or payment method.

  • The deposit exceeds your ISA allowance

    Please check your allowance before depositing into your ISA account on the MyIG dashboard.

Please note when returning funds, we usually use the same method and same account from which it was received. If you made a deposit using a card, you’ll need to request a withdrawal back to that card. This will avoid potential delays, as additional checks may be required otherwise.


All the best - MongiIG

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7 minutes ago, VegetaRx7 said:

Hello IG team,

I have tried doing a deposit using my debit card and it fails everytime. The addresss on my personal details and debit card statement also matches. What would be the issue?

Hi @VegetaRx7

If the issue persists please email us: For non-urgent queries, please email helpdesk.uk@ig.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Call our support team: If you have an urgent query, call us on 0800 409 6789 or +44 20 7896 0079. We’re sorry that there may be a delay before we can answer you – we’re receiving unusually large numbers of calls at the moment.


All the best - MongiIG

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