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Brexit vote – Six years on: Where are we?

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While six years have elapsed since the Brexit vote, the point at which all things changed was 31 January 2020, right in the middle of Covid, so it is difficult to gauge the full effect. 

IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor caught up with Simon French, managing director and chief economist at Panmure Gordon. French says, under his calculations, UK GDP is three percentage points smaller than it would otherwise have been had Brexit not happened but conceded that Covid has been an issue that’s clouded the waters somewhat.





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Brexit --- what was it all about?

The above discussion points out key facts of the time yet there is more behind the scenes mega facts that most people are not aware of when you delve further into the historical bigger picture, and the bigger league players involved in it who remain behind the curtain, so to speak.

Life is not a simple quest of all merrily going towards the same goal. Brexit illustrates this really well, with polarised sides fighting for control and the EU to maintain obsessive control of a sovereign country.

The battle of Brexit was whether a country could be released from the EUs tight grip on sovereign states under its belt. The EU at every turn has fought to not allow countries leaving it and use its PR and big money to advertise the glories of the new 'roman empire' through its allies in member states.

The European union was led by Germany and France to establish the united states of Europe. And the euro to compete and later maybe takeover the world currency status. But the latter will not be the next world currency as plans are to have SDRs take over from the us dollar, once major calmatives occur. Watch this event horizon to come (be awhile yet).

However, it all began in a way that few of today's generation remember their history. We humans forget important historical events too often and their relevance to all the people.

This story's stage began over a 120-years ago. It involves power hungry vested interest groups with their subterfuges looking to gain obsessive control over other competitors, political and economic affairs than their own business interests. Their business interests included into big oil and big banks at the time. On may 1910 a handful of wealthy bankers led by Rockefeller and J.P Morgan had an ultra secretive meeting on Jekyll island. The seven men (6-bankers & a senator) spent days locked in a room, devising a plan that would alter the American economy… a plan that controls the fate of everyone's wealth around the world to this day.

Eventually in 1913 they got the federal reserve system into law (owned by them), to run government financial affairs and to squash competitors and have a fail-safe system should their banks foul up so they can be rescued and protected.

By 1933 the fed was designed to keep on lending or buying up other entities debts without showing any profit or loss account creating an endless debasement system, this is diametrically opposite to controlling inflation in order to maintain the purchasing power of the currency. Over a century's of results speak for themselves, with over 80% debasement of the dollar. Later on it be “said” that the dollar too failed to hold its value just as in other countries.

Note also, that this is totally different from retail banking where all have to show profit and loss, and maintain solvency, just like any other business.

The Rockefeller’s set up the council on foreign relations, chaired by David Rockefeller until his death in 2017. It is from this group that influences all of USA’s major foreign policies. There is a similar entity established in the EU.

At every major financial crisis point (severe bear markets) a plan was devised as a “solution”, such as the Breton Wood agreement, with the IMF establishment to prevent such future calamities occurring. We now have the IMF and the world bank to help “manage” the world's debts.

You might observe that all the “solutions” to date have not permanently solved anything but maintained the similar problems occurring again, and again, but on a larger scale.

With the German elites and their empire domination desires World War 1 began after the archduke's assassination. This was the war that was said to be. “the war that ends all wars”. But with hindsight we should know that that is not true. Later on came the world war 2 to continue German world domination. That failed, however the German bankers realising they would lose devised a master plan for domination in the future, by a peaceful method. Hence was established the European free market leading to a more tighter European common market and then to the European union legal status. The aim as in the war periods, a “take over of European nations” – basically they control everything.

This is where we are today. The aim is still to take more countries in. Britain's desire to break free ( Brexit ) was met with hostile and a very hard nosed and oppressive EU divorce settlement with very hostile EU allies in the UK and amongst the top banks like J P Morgan and Goldman sacks (the one-world-order members).

And foreign policy objectives still create friction and wars around the world. Banding countries has not solved it all. Whatever the system there is it is human behavior that governs peace or war.

If countries want to remain free sovereign states and do business freely then they would not create difficulties and blocks towards that aim with like-minded nations. However those wanting a different way will and do make it difficult via complex legalities or otherwise.

The fed has exported monetary theory practice around the world through formal world leaders gatherings. So if all follow similar theory than all suffer similar mega-problems down the road. Which means that they all need a “solution” or a “fix”. So, who better than the world-order boys to the “rescue”? This will save all their banks from going down. A neat plan, but at a great expanse put onto the rest of the world's population.

As Robert Kiyosaki said, that at the Davos meeting on may 22 of 2022, the IMF stated: “ the world economy is going to hit the biggest financial headwind ...” The world-order groups such as the IMF know what lies ahead and have a plan to take full control of the financial banking world once a serious calamity exists. One likely target will be digital currency and a new reserve currency.

History of empires and world domination has shown that such extreme form of control in few hands eventually leads to their demise and the world around them. It would be sad if they did not now review their history and come up with more constructive plans.

See also, my blog on: inflation, money supply and an ex-banker



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