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Have you ever had a broker implement a suggestion you made?

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Over the past 15 years I've used a few different brokers. In the early days especially, I used to post a lot of suggestions in the relevant forums or even talk directly to developers. However, I've never had a suggestion implemented, even when a dev told  me - That's a great idea! I did once point out a serious new bug to a broker, but even then I had to invest considerable time proving that the fault was not on my end before they looked at their own systems.

It's possible that my suggestions haven't been that useful. No problem with that; this is definitely not an ego thing. I can also understand that changes may take time and that you can't have all the features you want in a platform because it can become too resource intensive. This is probably true more so with Web platforms.

Without trying to sound cynical, sometimes brokers behave almost as though traders are the ones who work for them and that brokers are in a better position to judge what features are important.

Anyone's thought or experiences appreciated.

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You sometimes have to wonder these days if companies view their customers as a nuisance instead of a revenue generating asset to their business especially with how much distance they put between the company and their customers. Financial companies are some of the worst I have found, if they are not treating us like criminals (guilty until proven innocent) then they are social distancing themselves from us.

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