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Open Banking support roadmap status



I'm keen to integrate my IG accounts into a complete view of my finances using open banking. Can't seem to find any material on how to do this on the site, so I suspect we can't at this stage. If that is the case, have IG made any statements about when they intend to enable support for the open banking APIs? If not, can someone show me how to do it?


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Good day @Talldom,

IG integrates into several 3rd party applications such as ProRealtime, Metatrader and Signal Centre but there are thousands of vendors out there so as much as we would like to offer a seamless integration into all useful apps it just isn't possible.

If Open banking increases in popularity then we would have a strong business case to add them to our integrated list of partners but for now we don't have plans to integrate with them in the near future.

I had a quick look at their website but I can't really determine if you can manually feed data into their app. If you just need to export and import specific data from your account then you could potentially do it via our public API https://labs.ig.com/ although you would have to confirm with Open Baking if that would be possible.

All the best!

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Posted (edited)

Point of open banking is the openness so its not for a single service. The API enables an arbitrary 3rd party service to become authenticated with your service to recieve transactions/balances etc. This enables things like moneydashboard.com to display all my accounts in one place. This is mandatory for current and savings account providers in the UK but investment accounts e.g. S&S ISAs are probably going to get a similar treatment eventually. Hargreaves Landsdown are on it already...

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