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Edit position data on platform



I have some positions where I purchased via "Primary Bid". They show in my share dealing account as costing £0.00 which is far from the case. This means they show as in profit which is also far from the case! 

Anyway, how can I edit the Book Cost column entries so that they show the true position.

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9 minutes ago, nerak99 said:

I have a partial answer. On the phone app, clicking on the share name in the positions screen will open a series of field where I can edit the Book Cost.

Still can't figure this out on the desktop website

Hi there @nerak99

Thank your for contacting us today.

Please follow the following steps to edit your book cost on the desktop platform:

1. Select the Positions tab in the side-bar and click ‘add to workspace’.

2. Click on the menu button next to Market, then select book cost.

3. You can adjust the book cost by clicking on the value directly. See how it will affect the average price and P&L by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the left.

4. Click ‘set book cost’ or simply click elsewhere on the screen to confirm.


You can also follow the link to our platform for your reference: Book Cost Editing



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- KoketsoIG

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