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PRT V12 Bugs



I have been using PRT for the past 15 years or more, indeed I was partly responsible for introducing many of my clients to the platform in 2007. So, I suspect like many others using ProRealTime (PRT) V10.3 charting platform were more than happy with it. So simple, so easy to use. I had a look at V11 and decided some time ago that I wouldn’t change to it until I had to. Then shock of shocks, Friday’s login I knew I wouldn’t see V10 anymore.

V12 took most of Friday to find my way around. I’m old school so I don’t need any fancy gizmos to aid my trading. Now I find that even the simple stuff has lots of bugs. I sincerely hope that someone has been working over the weekend (PRT HQ in France) to at least straighten out some obvious programming issues.

In the older version (V10), if I wanted to configure something I could click a button and up popped a box with easy to alter item, periods, colour, lines, etc. click another button and save the changes. Now with V12 I find that some of the items changed do not hold the requests, e.g. take a straight line, yes you can alter the thickness, but ask it to hold a new colour and it stubbornly stays the same colour (yes, I have discovered how to configure something and make it stick and now I have to type in what to call the change, why? There’s annoying number of items that refuse to stick. Take the text box, it will not hold the requested border colour, there’s lots more bugs I could mention, but you get the gist. Worst of all despite saving all the work I did on Friday none of it has not been saved, so I’m back to where I was when I first logged in on Friday 01-12-23. I won’t be doing all that again in a hurry until I know the platform has been reprogrammed, I’ll trade elsewhere for now!

I can’t believe that PRT would release such a major overhaul of this previously excellent programme without testing it to distraction before the release date and why change something that was once so easy? If it ain’t broken don’t mend it! Maybe you’re expecting IG clients (et-al) to do that for you.

Finally - IG, why were we not told of this imminent change in advance? Fortunately, I take screen shots every day, so I do have hundreds of trading examples from the past. I thought we - your traders - were your valued clients? It doesn’t feel that way.

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Hi @shaggy99 -

I totally agree with you.  PRT 10.3 is what I still use.  You can get back to 10.3 by clicking the "previous versions" part of the button instead of simply clicking through to v12.  It seems you need to keep the old launch app installed as the new one does not seem to be backward compatible.  For now we are still being offered both previous versions but I see no advantage in going to v11 because candles fade to near invisibility when the chart is zoomed out past a couple of clicks.  This makes a historical chart useless.  So I'm not surprised that v12 is a complete shambles. 

If anyone from IG reads this, could you please take some time to interact with this thread with a view to making the charting better, possibly by finding a better alternative to IG charts than PRT?  IT-Finance (PRT charts) seem to be getting worse with each new version of their platform.

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