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My Trading Tools for MT4

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After a decade of trading experience, I've successfully created three highly effective indicators tailored for various market conditions: Martin Armstrong Cycles, MIDAS Trading Tools and the FX Capital Flow Scanner. I'm excited to now share them with the IG Community! ūüėä

These indicators are designed specifically for use on the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The indicators will expire 2025.01.01 ->1 year license. If you wish to continue using them after expiration, please contact me for an extended personalized license.


NUMBER 1: Martin Armstrong Cycles [Download Link, Zip File]

Martin Armstrong Cycles
 applies an untraditional type of technical analysis to your charts which is designed to capture the ANGLE of the market, RAPID RALLIES and DECLINES, PRICE REVERSALS and PRICE FLIPS.

I recommend all traders to apply cycles to their charts, because they reveal the true nature of markets. Everything in the universe has a cycle to it - and so does price!

Analytical Benefits using Cyclical Analysis

  • The¬†ANGLE¬†of the cycle gives you a¬†ROADMAP¬†into the future as to what type of move you can expect
  • The¬†STEEPER¬†the angle the greater the tendency for a market to rally or decline¬†RAPIDLY
  • The¬†Break-Line represents the¬†CYCLICAL¬†LIMITS¬†of price - an important¬†PRESSURE POINT¬†in the market
  • If¬†price breaks the Break-Line chances are high that a¬†RAPID RALLY¬†or¬†DECLINE¬†will follow


  • The Reversals tells you when a market could¬†BREAK¬†to the upside or downside
  • Buy/Sell signals are formed when price breaks through a reversal on a¬†CLOSING¬†basis


  • Trap Plays are formed when price breaks a reversal but then¬†IMMEDIATELY¬†closes back¬†ENGULFING¬†the breakout bar, causing a¬†MASS EXIT
  • The¬†Trap Play has the¬†HIGHEST WIN RATE¬†out of¬†80.000 DIFFERENT PATTERNS!


  • Price Flip 9 warns of a potential¬†DIRECTIONAL CHANGE
    - Buy Setup occurs when there are 9 CONSECUTIVE closes lower than the close 4 bars earlier
    - For Sell Setup, the requirements are OPPOSITE, there are must be 9 consecutive closes higher than the close 4 bars earlier
  • Countdown 13 calculates the trends length to identify the moment of its¬†FADING¬†and the emerging of a¬†NEW CYCLE
  • The Risk Level associated with Price Flip 9 and Countdown 13 defines the¬†LEVEL¬†of which price should turn within


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Here are some links from previous World Economic Conferences (WEC), hosted by Martin Armstrong.
There is a lot of good information about technical analysis and financial markets in these videos¬†ūüėČ

Berlin Part 1 https://vimeo.com/166052005 Password: 16WEC314 927

Berlin Part 2 https://vimeo.com/166055663 Password: INTERNALONLY314

Berlin Part 3 https://vimeo.com/166058670 Password: INTERNALONLY314

Berlin Part 4 https://vimeo.com/166104782 Password: INTERNALONLY314

Saturday WEC Part 1 https://vimeo.com/194583828 Password: SAT001216

Saturday WEC Part 2 https://vimeo.com/194744050 Password: SESS31112

Sunday WEC Part 1 https://vimeo.com/194850637 Password: 16CONF314

Sunday WEC Part 2 https://vimeo.com/194892973 Password: WEC1185AE

San Diego Tech Analysis https://vimeo.com/189322541 Password: 102816SD

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1 hour ago, Carl-Gustav said:

After a decade of trading experience, I've successfully created three highly effective indicators tailored for various market conditions: Martin Armstrong Cycles, MIDAS Trading Tools and the FX Capital Flow Scanner. I'm excited to now share them with the IG Community! ūüėä

Thanks for sharing @Carl-Gustav

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NUMBER 2: MIDAS Trading Tools [Download Link, Zip File]

MIDAS which is an acronym for Market Interpretation/Data Analysis System is the innovative work of the late technical analyst Paul Levine. Levine strongly believed that the dynamic interplay of support and resistance and accumulation and distribution are the ultimate determinants of price behavior. After examining and rejecting all of the standard technical analysis techniques for determining support and resistance, he came up with a new approach - MIDAS!

The introduction of the MIDAS Trading Tools indicator has been a culmination of my trading experience and creative application. New ideas have been implemented and collaboration with other traders such as Robert Young (US) have helped make this indicator enriched and dynamic. In the readings below, you will find the description of the variables that make up the indicator.

MIDAS Trading Tools consists of TWO stand alone indicators for each type of market environment:

  • MIDAS Support/Resistance Curves - reveals¬†powerful support & resistance levels¬†as well as a method to gage the¬†relative strength¬†of a given trend


  • MIDAS Top-Bottom Finder Algorithm - monitors the available fuel¬†in an accelerated trend¬†to¬†predict¬†the¬†top¬†or bottom¬†based on the cumulative volume



How To Use: Basic Strategy & Concept

  1. Identify the origin of a trend in any market.
  2. Attach MIDAS to your chart.
  3. Click and hold on the Red vertical line and drag it to a recommended anchor point.
  4. Wait for price to pull back to the MIDAS Support/Resistance curve and generate a buy or sell signal.
  5. Enter the market when a signal is formed with a minimum risk to reward ratio of 1:1+.
  6. If price accelerates away before pulling all the way back to the MIDAS Curve; fit the Top-Bottom Finder to the present pullback(s) (by adjusting the cumulative volume in the bottom right corner) to predict the top or bottom.
  7. When the Top-Bottom Finder burns out at 100%, a retracement to the MIDAS Support/Resistance curve becomes likely.
If you are brand new to the MIDAS Trading System and interested in discovering the powerful trading method developed by the late Paul Levine, I recommend reading: MIDAS Technical Analysis: A VWAP Approach to Trading and Investing in Todays Markets. The authors walk you through the wonderful MIDAS world and explain its variations with copious charts and examples. Start off by reading the introductory chapters, then jump to the very practical money-making Chapter 8 and apply the principles yourself.
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NUMBER 3: FX Capital Flow Scanner [Download Link, Zip File]

  • Perfect for all levels of trading experience, beginner or professional
  • You will always know what to trade and in what direction
  • You can add¬†any currency related symbols such as¬†Gold (XAU/USD), Silver (XAG/USD) and Bitcoin (BTC/USD)
  • 28 major currency pairs as default settings


How does it work?

The model have two important moving averages, one fast (5) and one slow (12), they are used to determine whether the direction of a currency pair is bullish, bearish or neutral. Example, when the model is measuring the strength of EUR, it will look at all EUR related pairs (EUR/USD, EUR/CAD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, EUR/NZD, EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY) to see what pairs are trading with, against or neutral with EUR and score the order flow of EUR accordingly. EUR is measured against 7 other currencies, so the score range from -7 to +7. 
+7 is the highest score possible and means that EUR is making gains against all other major currencies. Therefore the order flow is strong because EUR is being bought on a global scale. There is a genuine interest to buy EUR so to speak.
-7 is the lowest score possible and means that EUR is decreasing in value against all major currencies. Therefore the order flow is weak because EUR is being sold on a global scare. There is no interest in purchasing EUR, only selling.
When the scanner have performed the order flow analysis on all currencies it will combine the strongest against the weakest and display the results on the dashboard. These will be the pairs with least resistance moving forward and the best pairs to trade. You can double-click on the pairs listed on the dashboard to open a new chart. In parameters you can select what template the new chart will open with.
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Potential buy on USD/JPY? :) USDJPYBuy.thumb.png.50181de99ce31774b4fc66c82f6c61a4.png

Trade cycle composite high in alignment with cyclical resistance. Temporary high seems likely ? :) 
Supporting a high is the TD 9 Sell Setup that formed a few bears earlier.US30.thumb.png.e8f344669cdbc7b05b1f7c4ddd24cabe.png

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On 25/01/2024 at 14:23, CGE_Trading said:

Potential buy on USD/JPY? :) USDJPYBuy.thumb.png.50181de99ce31774b4fc66c82f6c61a4.png

Trade cycle composite high in alignment with cyclical resistance. Temporary high seems likely ? :) 
Supporting a high is the TD 9 Sell Setup that formed a few bears earlier.US30.thumb.png.e8f344669cdbc7b05b1f7c4ddd24cabe.png

We should see a lower closing this week..


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14 hours ago, AhmedMarsh said:

Your indicators sound like the secret sauce I've been looking for. Can't wait to try out Martin Armstrong Cycles and ride those rapid rallies! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, newbies!

Thank you!

I am currently developing my own website
Here you will be able to find all my tools, EAs, and everything trading related.

Feel free to reach out on Telegram if you need help or advice!
I aim to respond within 48 hours. :) 

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