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How long to answer the phone or reply to emails.



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10 hours ago, Oshy01 said:

Does anyone know the average time to wait for phone calls to be answered or emails to be replied?

Tried a couple of phone calls today but not getting through.

Dear @Oshy01,

Thank you for reaching out. We apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced. Typically your call gets connected within a few minutes. You may expect some delay during Market opening and closing Hrs, but we still try to attend as earliest as possible.
We're sorry you haven't been able to reach us yet. Please let us know if there's anything urgent we can assist you with. Please DM me so that I can assist you further. 


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    • Hi KoketsoIG, Thank you for the clarification on that. Cheers
    • Dear @millennium_falcon, Hey there! Thank you for reaching out. Just a heads-up, you can only have one API key for each environment, either live or demo. No third API key can be created.  Thanks, KoketsoIG
    • To clarify my understanding. From my Usecase, I have three separate programs all operating interdependently from one another. A program to subscribe to tic data on a number of Epics via the LightStream API, another to grab historic on a number of Epics via the REST API, and finally another to manage positions via the REST API. I need to do this on my demo account initially to get API code stabilized. The IG website specifically says that I need separate API key for each distinct program connecting to IG over REST or LightStream. So in my understanding it looks like I need three API keys all for the demo account. Am I missing something or have I misunderstood how to use these API keys? I am aware of the API request limits and this is why I assumed you need a key per program. Currently I have one API key for the demo account and cannot seem to add more keys to the demo account? I have looked at the FAQ and cannot see an answer for my query.
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