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Fascinating documentary follows Paul Tudor Jones on Wall st in the 1980's. Shows him modelling the 1920's stock market and matching it to 80's Wall st and him predicting a crash late 80's (only a year late) but up to that point playing out a continuous rally (sound familiar) that made him mega rich. 

High anxiety levels both on his 5 mln winning days and 5 mln losing days (despite wearing his 'lucky' trainers). Interesting insights, lots of equivalents in today's markets, decisions based on news and gut feeling, not an indicator in sight.


55 minutes.





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Guest oilfxpro

Visit stockcharts , pick out technical analysis words from any thread and search it on google  as follows:    youtube trading video reliable support and resistance



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Good to see you getting to grips with technical analysis and recognising the importance of support and resistance which is of course directly related to supply and demand.


The best tutorial on the subject I have found (and posted the link over a year ago) is this one from Tradeciety, the in-depth article includes a 10 min video.





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