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The Bitget April Trading; A Means To Earn Post Halving.

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The Bitcoin Halving has finally occured, a lot of users are filled with optimism with respect to the halving coming to fruition, crypto pundits think the halving precedes a bull run as it often happens historically.

A couple of exchanges are well aware of the optimism of crypto enthusiasts, to further boost interest, Platforms like Bitget have come up with worthwhile prizes to enable users earn from the post halving.

The first prize pool of the event is about 0.4 BTC, the activities are quite simple, you can trade a futures volume of over 100 USDT to get random rewards of 20 USDT

Similarly, you can be among the top 50 ranking traders during the event to share from the prize pool. The Futures trading volume must be ≥10,000 USDT to be eligible.

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