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From: "" <>
Date: 10 Nov 2017 4:52 pm
To: "IG Client Services Helpdesk" <helpdesk.uk@ig.com>, "IG" <helpdesk.ae@ig.com>


Kindly note that the rebate of 10% is always applied to the account extremely late during the day of 10th can you do something about it????

Stop on Funding by credit card:

Without any prior notice that IG will not accept funding by credit card is shocking to me when i tried to do it today. One thing is sure that IG will soon be loosing all individual customer in this part of the world including myselves. Friday IG dont get any wire transfer in uae as the banks are close debit cards have limited limit compared to credit cards and markets are specially busy on friday as we all know all important economic data comes out from usa on friday.

A bad move which is bound to substantially decrease IG customers in UAE. I know the song will be sung on the name of regulators, central bank and all big institutions which is a normal habit everywhere.

Anyway i look forward to probably my last rebate as this ship will sink in uae a sad end offcourse compared to such a good business they are doing in uk.

Your sincere customer

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