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FTSE cash charts

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Can IG provide cash charts for indices or even just the FTSE100? The reason I ask is because I have to look at historical support and resistance points on cash FTSE 100 charts at Investing.com rather than IG’s 24 hour charts. I can look back at IG’s charts, however I have to ignore out-of-hours data which is awkward and less than ideal. Support and resistance levels are only relevant from 8am to 4:30pm when the real market is open. Proper traders and funds with the power to move the market are only looking at cash charts and not on 24 hours spreadbet charts in which the data is effectively made up out-of-hours.
On a similar topic, is it possible to have pivot points based on cash prices rather than 24 hour-made-up data? Every morning I have to go to livecharts.com and manually plot the cash pivots onto my charts rather than use IG’s 24 hours ones. This is most evident on Mondays when IG use pivots from Sunday trading when the market only moves a few points meaning the pivots are right next to each other rending them completely useless.




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Hi ,


Welcome to the IG Community. I'm afraid it's not possible to remove weekend or out of ours data from the IG charts, but it's a good point you raise, and one that I will feed back to our chart developers. Please note however that you can choose the trading hours you wish to view on our advanced charting platform, ProRealTime. This would also affect your Pivot Point calculations, so that they only take into account the trading hours you select (in your case 8am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday).


Please do let us know if you would like any more information about ProRealTime or setting it up!




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Great suggestions Dan.  24 hour calcs for pivots make them effectively useless.  They should be able to get their programmers to sort this out.  And also while they are at it, it would be nice to enter buy stop and sell stop orders with the right click of a button on the chart.  LCG have this feature and I don't see why IG can't provide it too.  And one last thing, when you trade off the charts and your order is filled, there is a great big square over the current candle which obscures the candle so you don't know what is happening.  They don't need a square.  It doesn't help, other than to give you a second place to cancel the order.  Be better off just leaving a line across the chart where your order was filled.  Other than that, it is a great platform.

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Hey Tim, I've downloaded PRT and am really pleased with it, especially nominating trading hours on the Dow and FTSE. One thing though...how can I set up a shortcut from my desktop? or do i have to launch it each time from the platform?



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At this point in time you have to download the small file each time and load that to run PRT.


With that said we can appreciate that can be somewhat cumbersome each time to load ProRealTime and so we are in the process of trying to streamline the way ProRealTime loads. I can't go into too much detail as it will spoil the surprise, but lets say you will be pleased with what the tech guys are coming up with....




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That was a great request by Dan and the way advanced charts load now is definitely an improvement. However, having adjusted my charts to the FTSE cash hours 8am till 4pm the pivot points are not shown at the same levels as live charts indicates i.e based on the cash market.


Another pain in the rectum is that the software does not retain the settings even after hitting the save button before exiting. The same for getting rid of weekend date. The settings for each market has to be re-done each time the charts are loaded.


Another irritating thing when trading through charts is that just before execution an at market order the square box that pops up is highlighted and the chart below is dulled down. This is quite ridiculous when one is trying to see the price action before pulling the trigger. 

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I feel your pain ST - I still have to add my own pivots and PRT never saves the manual market hours I select either. It's so annoying inputting them each morning. I also worry how valid the data will be when the clocks change after the summer.


IG - recently I queried a spike on the FTSE and some slippage I received. Everything was ok and you guys proved the market did indeed slip 8 points by showing me a FTSE 100 Cash chart. Is it possible to have access to these charts? This is the data we need - not some made-up-out-of-hours-algo data.



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Hi ,


The market hours you select on ProRealTime should save, so sorry to hear this isn't the case. What process are you currently using to save the charts before you exit?


, thanks for the feedback on the subscription emails. We'll check to see if it is possible to get this added!






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Thanks for the positive reply Dan,


I have to report that PRT charts are now saving the FTSE cash hours and exclude weekend data settings for me. I have n't done anything different to what I normally do either i.e. Main menu/File/Exit/Save your modifications before closing Yes.


Having said that, I have n't done a junk file and cookie clean recently, although I don't think that should matter. We shall see.





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Another bug to report unfortunately.


Today I had the FTSE100 (PRT) chart set to display cash opening hours, every time I applied the horizontal ProRealTrend detection tool the chart immediately switched back to displaying 24 hour data!  Removing it did not reverse the situation. 

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Hi ,


The behaviour you have noticed is actually a limitation, rather than a bug. In order to calculate the ProRealTrend lines the system needs access to the full range of data, and if you have customised trading hours, adding the ProRealTrend lines will revert the chart data back to the default settings.


It's something we have raised with ProRealTime, but there aren't any plans to upgrade this feature at present.



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