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Bitcoin Cash - USD, GBP & EUR

Guest MOB

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Hi, I am very disappointed as this is a big company and not allowing Longable trades on Bitcoin/USD etc 

Please can you let us know iG when this will be allowed and how iG intends on fixing this issue long term? { as over the phone I am not getting anything back satisfactory}


Thanks in advance


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Guest Savvyscot

I must agree it has been pretty frustrating. Iv been trying so many times to open a long trade since friday evening (and its now sunday morning) and i have been unable to. Potentially missing out on profitable trades.

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IG obviously trying to make BTC/GBP unattractive by only making it possible to close positions, not take out new trades.  I understand this is an exceptional market place etc etc but either you're open for business or you're not. Also, I wouldn't mind moving some of my position over to BTC/USD but i) the spreads keep growing on the £ bet and ii) IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO OPEN A $ POSITION.  So at the time of writing I can fully close my GBP bet (with a huge spread compared to when I took it out) but I can't open another one.  If the idea was to make me move my bet between currencies you've made it impossible.


Such a shame as I was initially just happy that IG offered me the chance to bet on bitcoin movements.  Now I'm getting annoyed.

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