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DFB P&L Report on Spreadbet Account Only Goes Back 3 months

Guest WorkingTrader


Guest WorkingTrader

I've just been going through the process of running my year end trading reports and have come across a big issue.  


Despite requesting a custom report for all closed DFBs from 1st Jan 2017 - 26th Dec 2017, the report only returns closed trades from 22nd Sept 2017 onwards (approx 90 days ago).


I also tried to run a report for 2016 trades and this no longer returns any data.


Sincerely hope IG haven't deleted any data.


Anyone else seeing the same issue?

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Hi - there is a restriction on the desktop statements to limit requests to 3 months - this is due to restricting unnecessary load on our servers. If you would like a custom report for more than this please drop a quick email to helpdesk@ig.com with the requested dates and your account number and someone will be able to manually generate it. 

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Guest WorkingTrader

Thanks - it would be good if this was mentioned on the report generation page.  Interestingly too it is also only the P&L DFB report that has this restriction.


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