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Are US OTCs likely to be added?



Hi All,


I've seen quite a few US OTC shares that I would consider trading recently, I know I can't on this platform and I was wondering why that is. Are IG not allowed to broker them? Also as a broader question how do IG decide what markets to make available, for instance will Canadian, Japanese or Chinese markets ever be added?


This might be a cheeky question to ask here but does anyone else here trade US OTCs on a different platform?


Many thanks.

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Hi - so unfortunately we don't trade US OTC stocks due to the difficulty and highly manual process, and therefore cost, of trading them outside the US. 


In regards to other centralised electronically matched exchanges, we are looking at looking at expanding the offering in the long term, however right now it isn't a priority and therefore isn't road mapped. As soon as we do we will be sure to market accordingly. 

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