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Demo account orders and gaps

Guest dave2k


Guest dave2k

I was wondering if anyone can clear this up for me?


Yesterday (8th March) I put in a limit order for Express Scripts Holding Co. I put the price level at 7500 and the limit at 7750.


When I checked my account, it appears that my order was executed and I profited from the trade, but on inspection, the price gapped above these levels that day. The lowest price for the day was around 7920.


So how was my order filled? was it because demo accounts don't have slippage?


More importantly, what would the scenario have been in a real account?




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Hi ,  Yes, beware of demo, this is not unique to IG, it's the same for all other broker demo platforms. Demo accounts will never exactly reflect a real account, especially concerning slippage, changing spread and margin.


Demo is for learning a platform and a rough test of strategy, when going live revert back to minimal exposure and if the strategy works only then look to increase risk.     

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