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Do IG provide Tax statements for Capital Gains and Dividends for the current/previous fiscal years?



On spread betting accounts there is no need to report profits and losses. However, on Stockbroking accounts there is. Most online broking accounts offer a yearly statement of Dividends, for Tax purposes. You need separate segments for US shares and US Tax withholding. Companies such as IB have excellent reposts making this very easy.


As far as I can see IG offer nothing. I must go through my entire year of Trading to generate my own Capital gain / loss. The same for Dividends. 


I need something before the year end in 6 days, since I need to know what my (realised) Capital gain (loss) will be. This is extremely important because it may be necessary to realise some Capital gain / losses before the year end, so as not to exceed the Capital Gains tax limit (£11,300) 



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