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VIX stops

Guest london


Guest london

hello why are the stops in VIX either 0.2 or then 1 ?


0.2 is too close to the bid offer but then you have to run much more risk otherwise 


why cant the trader decide to have a stop at 0.5 ?


why does IG care where the stop is (apart from trying to get it triggered asap)


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Hi - the VIX has a minimum stop distance of 0.2, however if you wish to have your stop at 0.3, 0.4 or 0.5 and above (or any other increment to the 0.01) then you can, simply by typing in your desired stop level. Please have a look at the example below with an opening big of 17.03 and a stop 0.38 away at 16.65. 


If there are other functionalities of the trading platform you would like more information on, or explanations of our dealing practices, please don't hesitate to ask. 


2018-04-16 15_13_47-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png

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Guest london

ha on this occasion the answer was good 


although not sure why the stops jumps from 0.2 to 1 when the arrows should move in increments of 0.1


it is still overall a rigged casino 

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    • Many thanks for the clarification  Can I ask if more equity options would be available to trading via the site, on the horizon? Yes, I am referring to the spread bet account, where gains accumulated would not incur tax requirements or returns.  🙂    
    • I've gone through its white paper & discovered it has good prospects, tho the price is down atm which is a good moment to DCA to hodl to the moon on the platform you mentioned.  
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