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Why should brokers give away free MT4 EAS and indicators to customers?

Guest EA-trader


Guest EA-trader

Automation is the future, wall street is also going to shed jobs, in favor of automation.Manual trading is difficult and not easy to master, despite having all the knowledge.this is where automation helps.




A lot of analysis and reports can be done on mt4 .All these analysis required on the following thread can be done on MT4.


A coder can do this job for IG under $500. maybe less than $250.This thread is not to comment on the other thread.


Indicators are analysis tools ,they give traders buy sell analysis information, before entering a trade.There are many mt4 indicators that are far superior to the free indicators, many give pin point accuracy and entry signals.Custom price action indicators ,like raw price action indicators give instant analysis of price action,  there are many other  custom  indicators which can be also  useful.These provide useful and accurate analysis.


Expert advisors are also very useful, they keep a lot records of losses,profits and trades history.Expert advisors will automatically trade and place bets on MT4, automated gambling by a software bot. Expert advisors can be profitable ,if created by the traders who know about profitable trading ,unfortunately most expert advisors  are created by the blind leading the blind i.e. internet marketeers ,amateurs and learners.Providing expert advisors is definitely the future,for brokers who want to increase long term retainable profitable clients and also increase spread income.


The cost of all these gadgets to  traders can be a few thousand pounds, it would be enormously beneficial to traders.Traders would trade more and lose less,if they used expert advisors.


I  am showing you my trademanager Expert advisor ,that I use for managing trades on MT4 at IG.This is the trade manager EA only used for managing trades.All I do is place the trade manually, trade manager ea will do the rest.


This trade manager costs $500 to design ,test and code.It can be coded for a $100 dollars privately  by a coder.If a broker was to give out a trade manager to many clients, i.e thousands  of clients , the cost is only $50 cents per 1,000 clients or 5 cents per 10,000 clients..It will be very useful to many customers, I am sure spread income for the broker would increase.I simply place a trade manually and the trade manager ,manages the entire trade.


There are almost 20 different expert advisors ,these use different systems . they would not cost more than $10,000 for a broker to give away, all these expenses are worth the money, because it will surely increase customers,spread income and long term clients.


How many of you would like free custom  indicators, trade manager EA to manage trade and other expert advisors?Should the broker provide these , or should traders have them made at MQL4?I have all these automated tools for fully automated trading, so I do not need these tools from a broker.


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price action indicator anylysisxxxxxxxxxxxxx.jpg


 trademanager Expert advisor settings below


trade manager.jpg

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Guest EA-trader



I was just showing you the functions of the EA TRADE MANAGER.This is my own collection of eas ,that I have developed .It is not an easy job developing good EAS.


This is my collection of current EAS that are in final stages. .I have developed another 100 other  eas and over 100 custom indicators.


BTW.James !Link was only posted for anyone wanting to have  coders code these for individuals..




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Guest EA-trader

As you can see I have over 100 custom indicators,I have studied them all.I thought this thread would be useful to some.


I personally use about 10 custom indicators on my EAS, not all my EAS use indicators.




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