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Collateral service expansion


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As far as I'm aware, your collateral service is only available with a share dealing account. With the leverage restrictions from ESMA due to come into force in a few months (and I'm hoping there's a legal challenge from the brokers to halt/prevent these punitive restrictions), would you consider expanding your collateral service to your Smart Portfolios? As I would much rather open a Smart Portfolio ISA with IG and use the capital as margin on my spread betting account, as opposed to cashing in interest-bearing assets just to sit in my spread betting account as dead money. 

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Unfortunately I have no information on this at this time, however once we have a clear understanding of the regulations and all options available, we will see what we can do and I will let you know. Obviously our priority is to continue to offer a service and product which our clients want, with different options available depending on the suitability and wants of those clients. 

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Brokerages are correct in their assessment criteria for a requirements of a professional account as per section 3.5.3 paragraph 1 of the FCA Code of Business.


However, please be advised that section 3.5.3 paragraph 3 of the same FCA Code of Business also allows a client to be "elected" to be treated as a professional client if they do not meet the criteria.


The requirements for the selection of professional client lie not with the broker but with the client, the broker merely has to demonstrate due diligence in protecting the retailer.


My strategy is one of portfolio diversification (which is the correct d-risking strategy) and therefore I do not meet the full criteria for a professional account per say as I keep my lot sizes small. I don't wish to change my strategy either. I've been profitable for 12 years.


[MOD EDIT: please refrain from posting personal details as this goes against our terms of service] 

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    • PONZI SCHEME 2 The  articleD by Kevin Stankiewicz makes an interesting point and the definition he points out is ALSO true, in my view.    "Ponzi scheme is a type of fraud whereby crooks steal money from investors and mask the theft by funneling returns to clients from funds contributed by newer investors."    But taking it as it is then we can apply it to various other areas, seemingly. FOR EXAMPLE:    Q.E. encourages and creates greater and greater debt build up, and entraps all financially into  over debtedness, as encouraged by  the Monetary Theory used by the FED. In the end it collapses and various clever but complex solutions are advised by the same people who used flawed theories as being gospel truth.  A financial nuclear bomb gone off, markets crashes big time, a recession or depression ensues. All suffer. The flaws in the system are ignored or not recognised, during the frency of making a billions in profit. So, we have a roller coaster system.    Majority of companies and millions of people who were not involved in it suffer AND THE COUNTRY'S TAXPAYER HAS TO PAY FOR it ALL THOSE SUBSIDES THAT THE GOVERNMENTS ARE ADVISED TO DO (PLAUSIBLE REASONS USED ). It becomes covert stealing by funneling indebted businesses and banks who's debts get shifted to the central banking system or by tax write offs so effectively charging the government, by "professional" advise, to take on toxic debts to "save" the economy and the system from "collapsing", and the politicians from losing popularity or the Office.    Now, as reported in the media, a Debt Jubilee is being considered as a "solution". It has been used is past history too. But it did NOT WORK IN THE PAST AS WE HAVE ENDED UP WITH A SIMILAR PROBLEM NOW.     Those who have studied the financial history and John Law and the "Mississippi Scheme and bubble, and the "South Sea Bubble" that was in the similar time using his idea gives rise to out current system.    The Banking System was supposed to be a fractional system where a portion of income from depositors is supposed to be used for lending. Today this has been made extremely complex by lending x amount and this end product is again it is used as a derivative. Risk taking has gone in a frency. It just needs a major collapse,  to create a falling domino effect.    So, the question comes back to:   WHAT IS A PONZI SCHEME?    AND WHO RECOGNISES THE PRIMARY CAUSE, THE WHY OF THE WHOLE SITUATION IN THE PRACTICE OF FINANCE AND ECONOMICS. FOR GOOD RULES AND GUIDELINES OF PAST GENERATIONS HAVE BEEN OVER LOOKED.    CAN ANYONE FIGURE THOSE OUT?    “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”    “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” ― Socrates      
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    • it's all in the thread, shame you never read it before jumping in with your opinion of it, it would save a lot of your time and confusion.
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