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COT Report

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Euro longs not giving up just yet but USD heading for positive territory. 



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It's bloombergs graphic representation based the weekly COT reports that shows the net positions held by large speculators.


So the majority are still holding eurodollar longs and have been since early 2017 but the figure has been dropping off since the start of this year.


The majority of overall positions on the US dollar have been shorts since the first quarter of 2017 but the difference is steadily decreasing as more longs positions are being taken up. 







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Do they get that COT data direct from

Exchange? Had a look around but couldn’t see any info on source? Am I being blind... probably

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GBPUSD goes large speculators net short for first time since end of 2017.

Euro net long continues to decline.

Dow continues net long after bounce off zero beginning of May.


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USD well into positive territory with large speculators and the euro is about to go negative joining JPY, GBP, CHF and developed market commodities. And judging recent events EMs not far behind.



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Thanks Caseynotes most helpful.

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