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Two mt4 accounts is not enough



I have about 50 EAS (expert advisors) going on live accounts, I G provide only 2 MT4 spread betting accounts per customer.

The future is automation, so I G should start providing more MT4 accounts per customer.


Here is an example of just 1 Expert advisor on a live account.It occupies the whole account.


Maybe I have to open accounts with other brokers.running out of mt4  accounts.jpg

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At this point there is a limit to the amount of MT4 accounts you can open, however I will be sure to pass your feedback on to the relevant team. What I would recommend you look into is using the ‘Magic numbers’ function in MT4. This way you can get multiple EA’s to run on the same market if needed (you will need to open more than one chart). When you use the magic number function you code in the EA to only trade and manage trades that have a specific magic number. There are many ways of doing this but I would suggest looking at the Metaquotes forum as there are a number of articles going through this and what can be done.


We don't provide any coding advice but the MetaQuotes forum may be worth a browse.  

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Hi  James 


It would help if you could pass this on , because these 50 eas are only going on two instruments.It will be a problem if I start using them on 5 other instruments.


Magic numbers are applied to different EAS to separate the ea systems from each other.They separate ea systems, but if you have 50 robots , one can put several robots on each ea  with magic numbers , but it can cause issues.


The main problem is , many trades open on same account  can cause , too much trading information on one account.



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