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IG Chart support - different time frames different HLOC

Jack Gardiner


There seems to be a discrepancy in price information on different timeframes with some charts. Most notably between the daily & 5 minute charts for a number of stocks. I've noticed it happens a lot with stocks that trade on very low volume for the most part. As an example I've posted screen shots for AXP. On the daily chart the high for Wed 18th July is displayed as 10369.50, however on the 5 minute chart for the same day the price never reaches that level (in fact it barely even breaches 103).Daily.thumb.jpg.98f09c2ade109ab7f2a912362c9739d4.jpg5min.thumb.jpg.459b79dd78a4806382ac9543051dd009.jpg

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It does not appear to have changed for me.

It should be noted that I am using the demo account at the moment as I am still fairly new to the platform. I have still to verify my account with my proof of ID etc. So I can't see if this is isolated to the demo.

There are a number of other stocks with similar issues albeit very low volume that I could show. I was alarmed when something so widely traded as AMEX seemed to be displaying incorrectly.

Thank you for your time.




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Thank you for clarifying this issue, I had begun to suspect as much. This doesn't affect 99% of the assets I am trading so it's not a big deal for me. I enjoy most of the features on IG and when I feel ready trade in real money will look forwards to opening an active trading account. You have put my concerns to rest.

Thanks again,

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