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HIN Number



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Our share trading accounts operate under a direct custody model, meaning that instead of you – the client – being personally registered on CHESS, it is our custodian Citicorp Nominees who will hold the HIN for all shares held with us. The custody model is a standard global practice that allows our clients to trade local and international shares easily and is cost effective. For this reason, we will not be able to provide you a HIN or SRN.

What specifically are you trying to achieve and I may be able to assist. 

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2 minutes ago, Lenoroc said:

Hi James. Basically the 2nd half of my question. How to I get the dividends, give TFN, correspondence from the company to my email. thanks

Hey @Lenoroc - in regards to dividends these are paid directly into your IG account in cash. We don't have a dividend reinvestment option at the moment. 

In regards to anything regarding the TFN number, that is something I'd have to get @JasmineC or @TomB in our Australian office to answer as it's not a process I'm familiar with in the UK. Given the time of day I'll hopefully have a reply for you by Monday. 

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